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   I have a Bachelors in Art from Westminster College in Salt Lake City Utah, where I learned a lot about different styles and methods of expression. My emphasis was painting and drawing, but as soon as I threw my first cup in a ceramics class, I was hooked. I had fallen in love with the mud.
I use the technical and assessment skills gained in the painting and drawing major as I glaze and stain my pottery. Very rarely do I dip my pieces into a bucket of glaze and call it complete. I enjoy sitting and hand painting each piece, just as I enjoyed going over every single little detail in the creation process. 
I have discovered through much trial and error that my best work occurs when I get my self out of the way. I want the creative juices to take over and let whatever is needing to come through to do so. I have have many sketch books and boxes filled up with all my 'practice pieces', artwork that didn't quite turn out how I was planning, but I learned a great deal from the making of it. I think of those books and boxes as the soil from which the trees of successful art work will sprout. 
My goal is balance, functionality, and delight.


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