Brad Platt


Mr. Platt was raised in a small town in Northern Arizona where he spent many hours on the family cattle ranch. Though he spent a majority of his time playing music, he did not find his talent for drawing until much later in life. When that occurred, he discovered that he was fairly good with colored pencils, graphite, and even watercolors. However, at a time when his talents were becoming more precise and skilled, he also began to feel the effects of an illness that had been slowly creeping into his life, a rare form of Parkinsonism known as Dopa-Responsive Dystonia. Soon his hands began to shake uncontrollably. The common symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease began to occur regularly and his artwork was no longer possible. The disease, not yet diagnosed at the time, had already taken his music and even his singing voice, and now it had taken away his artwork.

It is often said that when God closes a door, he opens a window. The artist sees this in a different light. He feels that God has many doors and windows in the room we call our life. When a door is shut, He allows us to find one of those openings and we have to work at opening it. Once we show our willingness to try, then he helps us to open it to a new, yet different, light.

One day, while tutoring adults, his pen was tapping on the paper from the normal rhythmic tremors that plagued him for so long. He looked down and saw the shadows and shapes that were created and a window was flung wide open. From that point on, he developed his skills using pen and ink, pointillism. He may not have been able to draw a straight line, but he found he could control dots!

Now, nearly a decade and a half later, he is very happy to have his work shown at the Tree Art Gallery in Orem, Utah, so that you can appreciate this beautiful and inspiring art form.