As long as I can remember I have always been interested
in steel fabrication and mechanical aspects of everything.
Rebuilt my first engine at 12 yrs old and painted my
first car at 14. Like me, my youngest son and partener Beau
has that same curiosity and drive to tinker and build

unusual projects.

2014 we purchased a plasma cnc table to allow us to build chassis
and suspension parts for offroad applications.
Along with fabring parts we started creating art out of steel,
aluminum and stainless steel.
Connecting with a couple of local artists we have been able to
add and enhance their art work to new levels.
It was those people who convinced us to expand on our hobby
and bring it to the public.
We have created lots of one of kind art pieces.
Also making trending metal art from designs on the internet.
Our metal is purchased locally from fab shops that is considered
their cutoffs or waste.

All of our art we create is produced use recycled steel from local
businesses that consider it scrap.
Our facility is powered by 100% Solar power