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Charles "Chuck" Gilliam was born into a military family, this
he offered her the opportunity to travel and see much of this great
our country.

 These trips provided him with a great source of
materials on which to base his illustrative works (consider his
"illustrative" work, as he wants each piece to tell a story).
Forty years ago, Chuck moved to Texas, and there he found the
subject that he most wanted to paint: the West, with its cowboys and horses. with his own Native American.
He has even worked on images that portray pieces of his tradition, the sights and sounds moved him, and he worked to put them on paper, and that's how he began and has continued to this day.
Several years ago he began working with colored pencils, this medium allowed him great flexibility in execution, it allows both a loose and tight rendering, it allows Chuck to put many or few details, the juxtaposition of the representation gives power to his painting, the details give you something to hold onto, while also giving you room to write your own story while looking at the painting. And these pieces are "paintings"
In every sense of the word.
Mr. Gilliam has a BVA degree from the state of Georgia
The University of Atlanta, majoring in Illustration.
He has been working for the past forty-two years as a professional illustrator and graphic designer.
He has worked in graphic design houses, advertising agencies, and has his own studio for five years.
He has a Certificate of Excellence from the Strathmore Graphics Gallery, as a fine artist, Chuck has had three solo exhibitions at the gallery.
He has been shown with theTexas Wild Bunch and participated in numerous art exhibitions.

During his thirty years in Texas, many collectors have
sought his job, and now having moved to Utah,
he is working to establish himself in the
Utah Art Community. He has participated in several local art exhibitions and has won several awards, including Best of
Show in two competitions.
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