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Neyda De La Peña
NP1939, 2017
 Oil and metal on wood
 22 "length × 31" height  
$ 1900.00 USD 

Limited Edition: 1


This original piece is carved burned and painted in old wood, the leaves are made with small pieces of metal to give it a special touch, which in contact with light gives us a very special reflection.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Neyda is undoubtedly a different artist, with a capacity to create unique and surprising works, her refined technique is the result of hard work, her stupendous way of creating a unique and original style using basic materials such as wood and metal, going on to create paintings at Oil with textures that invite us to think that not everything is done in art, the composition of her art is unique and she surprises us when we observe each of her works