Contorted Art ( The search for sensualism)

 The structure of women:                                                                                                                                                                                                            In his paintings, structurally subtract a woman's body, a part of it, or just a part of a sinuous line on which she constructs a story with sensual forms, where magic and imagination have no limits.

The magic.

That with its interweaving of lines allows the 'twisting and wiggling' of a tree, a pipe or a human body, ... as if they were made of cloth or cloth to which it is shaped. That is why we find folds, threads, patches and textures that vaguely resemble jute or other rustic fabrics.

The folds and wrinkles of the rags.

In nature we find similarities:
The striations of the trunk of a tree merge with the striations and wrinkles of the fabrics.
Striae of skinless muscles resemble rags squeezing and the interweaving of wicker furniture.
A snake and a tree branch have much in common.
In the giant quilts or blankets that nature gives us in those mountains and plains carved by the serrano and costeño peasant.

By mixing all these elements and named tips, sometimes letting the imagination do its part we discover a new magical and sensual world, full of fantasy and dynamism.