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NP2638, 2024

 Oil and metal on wood

 13 "length X 25" height

$ 320.00 USD


Title: Nature Transformed: tree sculptures in wood and metal by Neyda De La Peña

Neyda De La Peña has created a truly exceptional work of art that combines the natural beauty of wood with the artistic expression of oil painting.
Neyda De La Peña's innovative technique combines traditional wood carving with the meticulous incorporation of metal leaves. Each metal leaf, carefully cut and shaped by hand, is joined to the wooden branches with astonishing precision, creating an illusion of movement and life in each sculpture.

Inspiration and meaning:
These tree sculptures are more than just artistic representations; They testify to the harmony between humanity and nature. Each tree is a metaphor for life, with its branches stretching towards the sky and its leaves dancing in the wind, reminding us of the fleeting beauty and fragility of nature.

About the artist:
Neyda De La Peña is a visionary artist who has taken sculpture to new heights with her innovative approach and exceptional skill. Her work is a reminder of the importance of appreciating and preserving our natural environment, and her passion for her art is reflected in every detail of her sculptures.


SKU: NP2638
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