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NP2639, 2024

 Oil and metal on wood

 13.5 "length X 22" height

$ 320.00 USD


Title: Unique creation in wood: a fusion of art and nature by Neyda De La Peña

Neyda De La Peña has created a truly exceptional work of art that combines the natural beauty of wood with the artistic expression of oil painting. Using natural elements such as wooden knots, Neyda has sculpted a series of celestial elements, including moons and suns, which are harmoniously integrated into the structure of the work. Every detail of the carved wood has been carefully crafted to highlight its uniqueness and natural beauty.

Neyda De La Peña's unique technique combines wood sculpture with oil painting, creating a three-dimensional work of art that challenges traditional conventions. Layers of oil paint are masterfully applied to create textures and reliefs that bring the work to life and reveal the artistic skill and sensitivity of the artist.

Inspiration and meaning:
Neyda De La Peña's work goes beyond simply being a visual representation; It is a profound expression of the relationship between humans and nature. Each carved element and each brushstroke of oil paint tell a story, inviting the viewer to reflect on the beauty and fragility of our natural environment.

About the artist:
Neyda De La Peña is a passionate and talented artist who has dedicated her life to art. With a unique sensitivity and exceptional skill, Neyda has created a work that transcends the boundaries of traditional art and offers a visually and emotionally impactful experience for all those who have the privilege of viewing it.



SKU: NP2639
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